Iron Man 3 — Official Trailer UK Marvel | HD

Iron Man 3 -- Official Trailer UK Marvel | HD

The trailer for Marvel’s Iron Man 3, in UK and Irish cinemas NOW. Marvel’s “Iron Man 3” pits brash-but-brilliant industrialist Tony Stark/Iron Man against an…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The Wolf of Wall Street - Cine Trailer 2013 - (English) - HD 720p - 3D

Video Rating: 0 / 5


25 thoughts on “Iron Man 3 — Official Trailer UK Marvel | HD

  1. Ghost Rider 2 And Green Lantern Movie Was Very Very Bad ­čśŽ But Dark´╗┐ Knight Rises Was Ok With The Story But Less Action.
    ­čÖé I Watched Iron Man 3 About 6-7 Times And It Is A Good Movie Seen Yet.
    Hope There Will Be Iron Man 4 But NEVER CHANGE Robert Downey Jr!

  2. The vertical script on the logo of a villain named Mandarin is a traditional Mongolian vertical script, and it has nothing to do with China or Mandarin. Even though this fictional character is´╗┐ from 1964, the name Mandarin and the logo itself misleads majority to the understanding that Mandarin(Misunderstanding) and Mongolian script are the same things. These vertical scripts are the names of Ancient Mongolian tribes; therefore, and it offends the value of Mongolian culture.

  3. Hate watching the trailers. They always give away all the freakin good scenes! So we pretty much know that his house gets blown up and pepper gets captured. Omg´╗┐

  4. I have can make more. The mark 1 I have standing there isn’t the real one either. I just have my robots machine a new´╗┐ one with the same files the original.

  5. i have 5 things to say about this movie… 1 IT WAS EPIC, 2 war machine is way better than iron patron, 3 42 suWHAT THE HELL, 4 the ending kinda left´╗┐ me brokenhearted, and 5 the movie plot was TERRIBLLY CONFUSING.

  6. Terrible film.I like Downey´╗┐ but this movie is terrible.As a comic book fan my favorite is Iron Man and I am 60.I don’t believe the movies did justice to Tony Stark.

  7. While I´╗┐ loved the story of Anthony and his friends in this film, it needed that one missing element…which is me, of course.

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